An Open Letter To Lefsetz

Dear Bob,

When was the last time you visted the L.A. Zoo? Go to the gorillia compound. Ponder this: you are looking at the king of the jungle!

Now ask yourself: who is the captive? Who is captor? This animal is far stronger and faster than ANY Olympic athlete.

You asked about the meaning of life? There it is. Human teamwork allowed us to:

a) Travel to the jungles using vehicles we collectively devised, designed and developed

b) Capture gorillas in their OWN habitate and to breed them in captivitiy.

You live in L.A.

If man were to disappear from the L.A. Basin overnight, the infrastructure would crumble and get buried. It would not take very long to return to its natural stage: desert.

Running water and water pipelines are miracles we engineered, through our teamwork.

We have no natural camoflauge, no protective fur and, let’s face it, we suck as animals overall. Unlike all other mammals, our young are unable to walk within a few hours of birth. We are forced to modify our surroundings to survive.

So we do it.

We are the grand experiment to see if intelligent life can manage an entire planet.

Which makes me very glad that Mitt Romney lost.

Yes, things could be better. But only if we collectively fight to make it so.


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